HIS email frequently-asked-questions:
  • What's the difference between Barracuda and HIS spam filtering? (Top)
    HIS Spam filtering is intended to be used as an alternative to Barracuda. It's almost as effective, but doesn't have all the features of Barracuda, most notably individual user control panels. Zimbra and mail.his.com mailboxes include Barracuda filtering. If you choose a Plesk server, standard HIS spam filtering is included and Barracuda is available for a slight extra charge.

    There's so much spam these days (depending on the domain, up to 99% of email traffic is spam) that email isn't useful anymore without effective spam filtering, so all of our email accounts include spam filtering.
  • What happens if my mailbox fills up? (Top)
    With Plesk accounts, you won't know until it happens - there's no advance warning.

    Zimbra will warn you when you hit 90%, and since the mailboxes are so large, the remaining 10% is enough to handle additional mail for weeks for most people, so you don't need to worry about your inbox filling up while you're on that internet-free cruise to the South Pole that you've always wanted to take.
  • Which is better - Zimbra or Plesk? (Top)
    Each have their own advantages.

    Plesk is cheaper, and if you don't need shared calendars, full integration with Outlook, etc. Plesk is a good solution. You can set up as many email boxes as you want with your account - the only limit is disk space, and if you need more space you can easily upgrade to a higher plan for a little more money.

    Zimbra is our 'enterprise class' service. It integrates perfectly with Outlook, is a first-class POP3 and IMAP server, comes with Postini included, and gives really big mailboxes (2 gigabytes standard, 5 and 10 gb sizes available). It also has the best webmail interface we've seen yet, with fantastic features that beat even dedicated mail clients (the search feature, for one, is worth the price of admission - all messages are fully indexed, including their attachments, and you'll be able to find old messages via Zimbra that are really hard to find with any other mail client).
  • Do you support IMAP? I want to keep all my mail on the server. (Top)
    All of our mail servers support IMAP in addition to POP3, and we recommend it. IMAP is designed to keep your mail on the server, rather than on your computer, so you can access it from anywhere - from webmail, email software, cellphone, etc.
  • What is mail.his.com? (Top)
    mail.his.com is one of our largest servers, and was designed to handle the needs of dialup users 'back in the day'. It's very fast and supports POP3 and IMAP, comes with Postini spam and virus filtering, and has good webmail, but mailboxes are relatively small (300 megabytes standard, 750 available) and there's no control panel to let domain administrators set up new boxes easily. For new accounts we recommend either Plesk for basic email or Zimbra for enterprise-class service.
  • Do you have a knowledgebase of answers to technical questions? (Top)
    For answers to technical questions ("How do I configure Thunderbird for IMAP?") check our knowledgebase.