Heller Information Services, Inc. was founded in 1986. Our original mission was to provide specialized communications services for the federal government.  Our systems, many developed before the days  of the internet, have been deployed in nearly every country around the world.

In 1994, our services were expanded to include internet access, email, web hosting and high speed internet and intranet connections. 

Our Focus

Today, our focus is simple:  we provide reliable, high speed access, web hosting and email services that our customers can take for granted because they're always there.  

We know that our services are 'mission critical' for our customers, whose web sites must always be up, and must respond instantly even during periods of extraordinary demand, and whose email must be delivered in seconds, with every message logged and traceable.

Unlike most providers of internet service, we won't 'oversubscribe' - sell more bandwidth than we actually have.  We guarantee full bandwidth on all connections, and we provide charts to show actual bandwidth consumption.


Our support staff works with our customers to not only fill their requests, but also teach them how things work so they'll better understand how to get the most from the services we provide.


Our hosting facilities are telco-grade, physically secure, with full backup power, cooling and fire suppression.   All facilities have multiple fiber feeds to multiple backbone providers.

We use only top-quality vendors for hardware (Cisco, Dell) and internet backbone access (AT&T, Verizon, Global Crossing). Our servers are designed to keep running when key components fail (power supplies, disks, ethernet ports) because hardware redundancy is built-in. Our network is designed the same way - all of our hosting locations have feeds from multiple backbone providers, and all server groups are fed via multiple routers using HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) so that failure of any router will not impact connectivity.

We back up all servers every day, without exception.  Backups are not an 'option'  with us - they're part of the system, and you can count on them.

We monitor all parts of our network, using both automated methods and human eyes, 24/7/365.  We even monitor error rates on disk drives, ethernet connections and T1 and T3 connections, which lets us detect and correct most problems before they impact performance.  We test all services on all servers 60 times an hour, verifying not only that the servers are responding, but that they're responding quickly and in the right way.  


Our customers today include federal and local government agencies, corporations, embassies, non-profit organizations, and individuals.